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Image by Florian Schmidinger

A Crestron Home
Is Simply Smart

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You're in control with the Crestron® Smart Home.

You shouldn’t have to learn how to use the
technology in your home.

Crestron Home makes all the devices and systems work the way you want them to. One simple experience from multiple control devices – on the wall, on the counter, on the couch, on your phone.

Mobile Devices

Just one app on your phone or tablet controls everything in your home: TV, music, lights, shades, alarms, cameras, door locks, and more.

Monitor and control your home from wherever you are.


Yes. Your home
can benefit your

Your sleep. Your energy. Your mood. Your emotional and physical health. A smart home can improve and support these, and other, aspects of wellness. Lighting, acoustics, temperature, and water quality all play a role. The Crestron Home® OS allows you to easily orchestrate your home’s environment, as well as how your home interacts with the outside world to create an oasis that enhances your life.

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Peace of mind
for your home

You can’t put a price on the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones are safe and what’s most precious and treasured are secure whether you are at home or away.


Continuous system feedback on our mobile device confirms the status of door locks and alarms, the exact positions of gates and garages, and provides real-time views of cameras.

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Doorlocks &

Screenshot 2024-01-12 at 1.07_edited.png

Gates &

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It’s the one place that is truly your own. Everything is impeccably suited to you.

The cushions are just as soft or firm as you like. The fixtures and finishes are carefully selected. The light and temperature in every space are always perfectly adjusted for every hour and every occasion.

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